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Six primary colors for painting What paint colors do you regard as essential on a basic palette? In a Forum Painting discussion on the subject, Jake says: "You can mix just about any color by using a warm and cool hue of each of the primaries ... including hues of all your earth colors. My very basic palette would only contain six colors: two blues, two reds, and two yellows."

For his blues, Jake uses a violet-blue (ultramarine) and a green-blue (cerulean, pthalo, or Prussian). For his reds, an orange red (cadmiun red pale, which he finds the most versatile) and a violet-red (alizarin or quinacridone, though he finds it "hard to ask for in a store without getting tongue tied"). For yellow, an orange-yellow (cadmuim yellow or one of its derivatives) and green-yellow (lemon yellow). What colors do you regard as essential? Here's my choice for acrylics, which includes burnt umber but not burnt sienna which Cairomum says she considers essential. Join the discussion here...

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