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By February 5, 2006

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Never mind whether there's any scientific basis for behind it, I love a quiz and so-called personality test. This one, "Are You Artistic", says its "questions are designed to show how artistic you are, by measuring which side of your brain 'answers' the questions. Experiments have shown that artistic people tend to use the right side of their brain more intensively. It also takes into consideration the visual choices you make by using simple images." Take the test...

And if you were wondering how I did in the test, here's my result:
I'm apparently a true Renaissance person like Leonardo da Vinci (yeah, right!), scoring 68% artistic. I "could do just well as a painter, musician, inventor, sculptor, architect, engineer or a web designer." (What about web writer?)

"As matter of fact anything, if you put your mind to it." (Oh, okay, that'd cover writer.) "Your score is very close to that of Van Gogh's, which means you might want to get organised a bit." (Heck, I think I tend to be a bit over-organised.) "Paying more attention to the world around you wouldn't do any harm. Nature strives for balance, so should you." (Are you seriously trying to tell me I should spend time doing something other than painting or writing?)

"When you have so many talents, it is hard to focus and commit to just one." (Yeah, that's why I'm trying to focus on my painting!) But it's OK, you don't have to. (But I want to!) Explore and enjoy all the possibilities! That is what life is about!" (Well, at the moment I'm going to stick to exploring the possibilities of my painting. But thank you for the fun quiz anyway.)


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